1. Closets are so empty without wiring.
  2. Equipment request forms mentally prepared me for filing personal tax returns.
  3. Calling operations to reboot a server is so much more personal than an API call.
  4. Knowing I spent $1M+ on a DR site whose aggregate annual CPU utilization will never top 1%.
  5. Image loading is retro. Who needs a Chef converge?
  6. A cloud provider never offered me Red Sox tickets after a volume purchase.
  7. Purchasing and deploying capacity based on 12 month sales projections. Sales is never wrong.
  8. The camaraderie of rack and stack parties.
  9. Warranties. I know it’s in here somewhere.
  10. Spending 40% of my annual budget in January to get infrastructure deployed by April... and hopefully utilized by December.

Posted from Starbucks in Lexington, while licking wounds from a bad traffic day.