Back in the late 1990s I went to a local entrepreneurial event in which a speaker claimed a new startup would fail if it didn’t get its first 15 hires right. I never did ask why 15 ;), but the sentiment always stayed with me.

I’m engaged now in one of my more important hires, and could use your help finding just the right person. The company, CloudPercept, delivers cloud performance management to SaaS companies leveraging public, private or hybrid clouds. The startup is the result of a long Lean validation process that included a series of market experiments and many personal lessons learned. It’s also a combination of my two professional passions: systems management and cloud computing.

I’m looking for a highly skilled and hands-on software development leader with a passion for the cloud and a proven track record of delivering scalable software. The technology is based on an end to end Ruby stack (JRuby, RoR, Chef), and is being designed to take advantage of some unique attributes of the cloud. I've tried to capture what we seek in a job description, but unfortunately "software force of nature" doesn't make for a readable requirement.

Our core team has deep systems management experience in developing, marketing and selling systems management solutions, and have collectively contributed to generating $1+ billion in shareholder value in previous companies.

Please contact me if you have an interest in learning more. Thanks.