Today I’d like the announce the founding of a new movement: SomeOps. Yes, you’ve heard of DevOps, a movement that emphasizes close collaboration between operations and software development teams (note: no one is exactly sure why these two groups didn’t collaborate closely before this movement, but apparently they did not). You may even have heard of NoOps, which is where developers use automation to take control over critical operational tasks such as deployments (note: no one is exactly sure why development didn’t automate deployments before this movement, but apparently it took this cool new name to get them to do it). So today I would like to announce the new movement of SomeOps, whose founding principles are:

  • We will do development
  • We will do operations
  • Development and operations will work closely together
  • We will ensure we do not let development do so much operational automation that we could be called NoOps
  • We will ensure operations does not collaborate too closely with development that we could be called DevOps
  • Without acquiring new skills /experience, we will all update our LinkedIn profiles with titles like SomeOps Engineer, Lead SomeOps Engineer, or Director of SomeOps
  • We will offer consulting for large Fortune 500 companies who realize how transformative this movement can be (preferably after we figure out what it is)
  • We will come up with a cool logo to put on our MacBooks
  • We will ask DevOps Borat to convert to be SomeOps Borat

I will be sending out invites shortly to the Boston SomeOps Meetup. I know you will all attend.


I'm also seeking co-founders for my two other movements: SlightlyLessOps and DevLessOps.