The other night while on the Cape with family, we got to telling travel stories. I've collected a fair number of travel stories over the years - including my recent experience being towed down a busy sidewalk in downtown Seattle. But this is one I had almost forgotten.

A few years ago I was traveling to a customer site in Minnesota. My flight arrived late and I dragged myself to the rental car agency hoping to get a car as quickly as possible. But due to the late hour, there was a limited availability of cars, and so the agency decided to upgrade me to a luxury car. I forget the exact model, but know it was a red, convertible, and I think BMW.

I went to bed looking forward to an enjoyable drive in my new rental car with the top down. I was pleased to see the sun shining and the sky blue when I awoke, and gave myself a little extra time to enjoy the drive to the customer site.

Once in the parking lot though, I had a little trouble putting the top down. This was due in part to it being a little more complex than it should have, but mostly due to my personal failure at navigating anything lacking a software API. I think I even consulted the car manual at one point (desperation?). But at last, the top was down and I was ready to drive.

I pulled out of the hotel parking lot, enjoying the sunshine and breeze, turned on to the main road, and waited for my GPS instructions. "Turn left," my GPS said. I turned left at the first street, and after a short pause, the GPS said: "You have arrived at your destination."

Yes, after a 2 minute drive across the street from the hotel, I had arrived at the customer site. I proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes putting up the convertible top.