I’d like to let you know about a unique one-time opportunity. Starting today I’m making available for sale a few reserved instances from my personal cloud collection. The items include antique and previously owned m1.small and m1.large reservations that are in mint condition and fully enabled for running any version of Linux.

While some may wonder why one would want to run an instance in the m1 family when there are cheaper and higher performance instances available from AWS, I know you as a cloud collector will understand their unique appeal. With these reservations, you can launch a legacy instance, and then sit back to bask in the nostalgia that comes with the “original instance type.” You could even run an antique version of Linux on these instances, such as Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat.

Don’t be fooled by the hordes of people also trying unsuccessfully to sell their legacy instances on the suddenly non-liquid AWS Reserved Instance Marketplace. There are lots of cheap imitations available, but these are the real deal. I am so confident in the quality of my antique reserved instances that I am willing to have a notary public certify their authenticity.

These reservations will not be available for long, so direct message me on Twitter @joekinsella if you want to make an offer.

Yes, desperation has set in after two months of trying to sell my m1 family AWS reservations. ;)