Last year on a long drive from New York, my wife and I found the Tech in Boston podcast. If you are in Boston technology and haven't listened to Dave Gerhardt's podcast, you are missing out on one of the best channels for startup shop talk in the area. At the end of the ride my wife said: "You should be on it."

Almost a year later I was listening to Tech in Boston on a Sunday and Slacked Keith, a former colleague of Dave's who works at CloudHealth. "Would you want to do an episode?" Keith asked. By Monday morning Dave and Keith had it all set up, and last Friday Dave came into our office to talk. The full transcript and audio can be found Medium, or you can go straight to iTunes or Soundcloud.

I was a little worried the format of a 1x1 recorded chat might be a little uncomfortable, but Dave made it seem natural. A few minutes in and I entirely forgot we were recording the discussion. It just seemed like two Boston startup guys talking shop.

Thanks to Dave for taking the time for the interview and Keith for making it happen. Hopefully I helped contribute an idea or two to the Boston tech scene. For all our sake, let's hope Dave keeps up the awesome work on this podcast. I listen to several similar podcasts from the SV, and they have nothing on Tech in Boston.

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