Almost 8 years and 325 posts ago I started High Tech In the Hub. While writing had always been a cathartic outlet for me, my blog grew more as a byproduct of a career transition. After having spent three hard years post-acquisition at Dell, I had decided it was time to get back to my startup roots. I knew in my bones the cloud was “the next big thing”, and was considering everything from starting a company to joining an existing cloud startup.

My interests ranged far and wide over the years, from tips, opinions, ideas and even personal topics. When I was on top of my blogging, I found comfort in the familiar routine of spending an hour at a coffee shop on Saturday mornings to create a post. But like any interest, my blogging ebbed and flowed over the years. My kids, who were 10 and 9 at the time of my first post, are a senior and junior in high school now, with my oldest heading off to Northeastern this fall for a computer science degree. I also left Dell during these years, joined a startup, founded a company, and then spent most of the remaining years building that company into a successful growing business.

But over the last year my blogging slowed down as my mind wandered to new topics which didn’t fit the Boston tech theme. Confession: one of my favorite posts in the last year actually had nothing to do with tech at all. And so it is with a slight regret that I am making today my last post to High Tech In the Hub. It’s been fun and it's been a journey. I will keep this blog up for future readers who might find value in it, running on an f1.micro in the Google Cloud. I will also continue my public writing in other formats that are yet to be determined.

For all of those who read the blog, your interest was appreciated. I hope you don’t take offense when I tell you: this was always for me instead of you. It was a personal blog that followed the wanderings of my mind, bringing me to some interesting places, and helping me see some inherent truths in my experiences in technology. Keep an eye out on the horizon for my next writing outlet.

Thanks and I hoped you enjoyed!