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Job Hunting & the Wizard of Oz

If you didn’t read the murmuring from the CEO of Zenefits responding to a candidate’s post on Quora, it is worth a read (note: unfortunately he later edited out his original reply in which he stated the offer

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Using Trello for Hiring

Early in CloudHealth I used Trello as a quick and easy way to manage my time. Having a visual board gave me a sense of order that helped better manage my Lean validation. As time went on and the company

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Confessions of a Technology Profiler

After years of being in the closet, I'm coming clean: I'm a technology profiler. In my never ending search for good engineers, I instinctively form opinions of the quality of someone's software talent based on nothing more than what I

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The LinkedIn Search I Wish I Had

While LinkedIn has become an indispensible tool in recruiting, it still amazes me how primitive it remains for matching great candidates to great companies. Below is the LinkedIn search I wish I could express, which is of course pure fiction

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